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This page has content and links presented at in my recent talks about digital communication for natural resource and conservation professionals including my presentation at the October 2012 Montana State University Extension Fall Conference (PDF), and the 2012 and 2013 PILD conferences.

Rethinking Extension: Innovation and a return to our core values

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Poster: Making Extension Content More Discoverable (Fall 2010: To download, follow the link, then look for the Download button.)

Emerging communication opportunities for natural resources professionals

Watch the complete recording here from a January 2012 Forest Guild webinar or click through the slides without the narration, below:

Other resources:

University of Minnesota Extension home
The New Digital [St]age: Barriers to the Adoption and Adaptation of New Technologies to Deliver Extension Programming and How to Address Them (Journal of Extension)

General info on social media tools

Planning a new website development project:

Developing an editorial calendar: Running your communication program like a well-oiled machine

Finding others in Extension using social media and digital communication tools:
  • My Twitter forestry list. (Perhaps not that useful for many at this session.)
  • The eXtension technology community is a great way to connect with other Extension folks using digital communication in their work. (You may need to create an eXtension account, and should be prompted to do that.) Look for the "Find colleagues," then "By social network", or try this direct link once you're logged in.
  • The eXtension Learn series offers excellent 30-minute (and some longer) online instruction on a variety of digital communication topics.